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been trying nearly a year!!

hi everyone, me and my partner have been trying for a baby for nearly a year now as we want a child of our own, i have a daughter from a previous relationship too and she calls him daddy. he has a feeling he may be infertile but worried to go to doctors and get it checked out as he has always wanted to be a father. i have been reading other posts on here for past few days and heard lots of good feedback about geritol so ordered some offline seeing as where i live in the UK i have never seen or heard of it, and i am hoping it could work for us too. does anybody have any help/advice for us? we really want a baby together!
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replied September 9th, 2011
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It's probably not adviseable to start self medicating as that could cause more harm than good.

As you've been trying for about a year, you should both go to the doctor and make sure there are no underlying problems with either of you (even though you have a child from a previous relationship things change).

If there are any problems, then the doctor can advise on the best solutions and medications if needed.
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