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Bed wetting depression -worried about my Brother

I'm not sure where to post this. I'm just worried about my brother. We're both 16, and he's diagnosed with severe depression. He had a little accident while hanging out with his girlfriend. He's crying a lot and really embarrassed to talk to her now. She called and she's just worried about him and cares a lot. His mom (he's my half brother) died about 6 years ago. And the slightest things can make him cry. He wets the bed a lot and has nightmares. I want to help him but I'm not sure what to do Sad He's really shy and sensitive
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replied May 31st, 2012
I wet the bed until I was 13, but it was a condition. It got beaten out of me by my fathers ex girlfriend. Now my bladder is shy and I get bladder infections a lot. Meh, he shouldn't be embarrassed. People I know get drunk and wet the bed all the time and have relationships. Heck, my ex wet the bed all the time when he was drinking and blacked out, I just said to him, I love you doesn't matter.
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