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Bed Bugs , fleas , or skin disorder ?

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I have these bites on my body all over the place, and I have been trying to fight to get rid of them for about 5 months now. These bites could be anything. They usually appear when I wake up. Flea bites and Bed Bug bites can look alike. These bites appear just a tiny bit smaller than a mosquito bite, and that's what they look like when they first appear. Then they start to get really itchy, and about a day or two later, the bites turn a dark red. Bed Bugs and Fleas can leave that kind of marking. Can you feel bed bugs crawling on your skin or biting you at night time? Because I feel things crawling on my skin and biting me. I can also see what is crawling on my skin. Can you see bed bugs on your body? They do not look like bed bugs, they don't have a round figure like a bed bug. These insects or whatever look skinny with a darker back.

These bites appear all over the place. Mostly on my ankles and feet. At times I would get them on my hip, back, neck, on my forehead, and on my bottom. I don't know if this is a skin disorder or what. I don't know if these are bed bugs because they can bite all over your body, but fleas usually bite around the feet. I'm mostly getting bit on my feet than any other area. I don't know if it's bed bugs because I stay clean and take showers every day.

I have tried bombing the room 5 times, I've sprayed around the borders of my room with Home Defense Max, I have vacuumed and dusted several times. Also, my cats have not recieved a bath for months and they have not had any flea medications. I live with my parents, and it's their cats as well. What does it take to get rid of these pests? Or is it a skin disorder of some kind? Please help me figure it out! Thanks.

Justin McCollum
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