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BCC of the nose treatments

Moh's or Radiotherapy for BCC of the nose?
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Hello everyone, I'm new here...
My father has been diagnosed with BCC of the nose a few years back. He is now 73 years old.
He had local surgeries, about 10 times, to remove local tumors on the surface of the skin.

Now, according to my understanding, he suffers from a deeper and bigger tumor. The dilemma now is to choose the best treatment.

If surgery is chosen to handle the situation, the surgeons might have to use a back-of-the-ear skin to cover the open wound, or worse - use a flap from the forehead to cover it. And after doing some reading i understand it would leave a nasty scar an an ugly wound on the nose.

If radiotherapy is chosen, there are quite a few risks, not to be taken lightly:

* It might dry the nose for ever, which is dangerous in my father's asthma.
* It might trigger an extra tumor.
* He won't be able to use radiotherapy on the nose, ever again.
* The radiotherapist said the radiation amount needed is about 55 Gray.
* The length of the treatment should be 5 weeks, 5 days each week, so my
father will suffer from exhaustion.
* Cosmetic damage is probable.
* Surgery will get more complicated after doing radiotherapy.

But the best advantage of the radiotherapy is:

* It treats the whole nose area, which, as experience shows, had several
tumors and might have more than one, as we speak. Surgery will not
promise that no other tumors exist.

My question is:
Has everyone else here been to the same dilemma?
Anyone who can tell me about the outcomes of radiotherapy and/or surgery (Moh's or not), from first or second hand experience?

Thank you,

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replied April 4th, 2008
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Have you been told that if he has surgery, his cancer will require difficult or extensive one?
Mohs micrografic surgery has the highest cure rate of all surgical treatments because the tumor is microscopically delineated until it is completely removed. While other treatment methods for recurrent basal cell carcinoma have failure rates of about 50%, cure rates have been reported at 96% when treated by Mohs micrographic surgery.
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