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BC withdrawal or pregnancy?

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My husband and I just started TTC this month. I stopped my birth control at the beginning of April. I was only on it for about 3 months before we decided to try. We BD'd every single day since April 1st, without missing any days at all. I'm sure my period could be late because of the birth control, but I have a lot of symptoms to go with it... Let me know what you guys think.

My last period was only 3 days and it started somewhere around April 20th, give or take a few days. I've had sore boobies for about a week now. I've been having cramps off and on for about a week and a half. They sort of feel like period cramps, which is what I thought they were, but usually, I start my period after one or two days of cramps. I've been EXHAUSTED for about 2 weeks. Like I feel like I could take a nap, all day, every day. I've been EXTREMELY gassy. Yesterday, I noticed that my stomach and lower abdomen feel firm, like I'm flexing my abs even if I'm not. Also, yesterday only, I got about an hour of nausea, but then it went away and hasn't come back. Lastly, for the past week, I've had LOTS of white, milky discharge. Probably TMI, but it gets on my husband when we have sex to the point that he asked about it. I keep thinking it's AF starting when I feel it, so I run to the bathroom and it's still just white. I've taken 3 tests - May 10th, 13th, and 16th... but they've all been negative. Assuming I did start my last AF on April 20th, I'm technically not late until the 19th, so I guess I could give it a few more days since I'm not sure really when I started.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does it sound like I'm pregnant?
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