Basti or Ayurvedic enema therapy is often regarded as the key procedure of panchakarma. Basti means introduction of medicines or nutrients through the anus, or openings in sexual organs. This is a method of mobilizing and removing toxins (ama) accumulated in the lower part of the body. The medicated oil given as enema, cleanses the colon. It also improved the muscle tone.

There are eight types of Basti, they are:

1. Anuvasana (oil basti) is a method of removing excess vata. It cures pure vata disorders. Excess hunger or dryness is usually vata disorders.

2. Niruha – Ashtapana is used to cure nervous conditions, gout, certain urinary problems, pain, and heart diseases.

3. Uttara Basti – or top basti is enema given to urethral opening for men and vagina for women. Cures disorders associated with respiratory tissues.

4. Matra basti or dose basti – is daily oil basti or daily oil enema for people who exert too much or have too much sex. It is also for persons with chronic vata problems.

5. Karma Basti is a schedule of 30 Bastis

6. Kala Basti is a schedule of 15 bastis, 10 among them are oil bastis and 5 are decoction bastis.

7. Yoga Basti is a schedule of 8 bastis, five oil and three decoction bastis.

8. Bruhana Basti also called nutritional basti or nutritional enema is the application of warm milk, herbal ghees etc for specific conditions.

Persons suffering from conditions like diarrhea, bleeding at rectum, chronic indigestion, diabetes, anemia, tuberculosis, children below seven years etc are not fit to receive these . This list however is not exhaustive. The physician will determine if basti is good for the person after considering several factors including his or her physical capabilities.
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Hallo, i born in india and i am tibetan, i have read about medicine basti, i have problm for toilet, its coming very less, about 4 month a go,till same. 4 month before i have eat some Moshrom Pizza, just with Moshrom till they i fellt sick. what to do , which basti can help to kill diessess, Need Help very much. regardness Lobsang.
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