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basal thumb arthritis surgery: CMC Arthroplasty

How many of y'all, or, who has had the CMC Arthroplasty & MCP Trigger Finger Surgery and had a surgical pin put in the CMC joint versus just stitches and a cast/splint and call-it-a-day? (Reconstruction of the Basal Thumb Joint)
If so, how much pain were you in?
It's been 3 weeks postop, and I think I am having very usual pain at the top of my hand as well as the surgery site where the stitches are at the base of my thumb.
When you look between the opening in the cast at the top of my hand, you can kinda see something pointy and getting ready to stick through my skin (the pin??) on top of my hand The doctor put me in a full hard cast after my 10 day postop and left the stitches in and pin until the next follow up at 3 1/2 weeks.
It's almost like I have to push my cast up using my other hand, away from my skin & away from the thumb area so I can get a little space between the cast and the stitches. I currently have a thick piece of gauze between the top of my cast (towards my knuckles) and top of my hand to try and get some type of relief.

The absolutely only thing I can possibly come up with, that happened since postop was me sitting in the "passenger" seat of my car and reaching in the back seat to get my jacket, with my "right, surgery hand", and all of a sudden I felt like my thumb/hand (surgical site) had just "split" WIDE OPEN. This is the ONLY thing I could think of that I did and it hurt like heck, not to mention, it FREAKED me out bc I thought I seriously split my surgery open.
So, I went to the Dr the next day and he did an X-ray and said everything internally looks fine and he would see me at my next postop appt (another week and half out). He did not take of my cast bc the X-ray "looked" fine.
Meanwhile, everyday since the car incident, my thumb/hand has been so very painful and I don't know why or what I could've damaged reaching back in the back seat. It just feels like I have gone backwards with my healing and not sure what to do or think bc the Dr did not cut the cast off to fully look to see what I could have done externally.
I did let the Dr. know how much pain I was in this past Friday, but of course, the "key word" was "Friday" and I never heard back, however, I do see the Dr back this Thursday for my 2nd postop appt and to HOPEFULLY get my stitches out (after being in for over 3 weeks AND hoping to have the SURGICAL PIN taken out as well.
If someone can please enlighten me on their similar experience or help me figure out what to do between now and Thursday. Tomorrow is the Monday before my postop appt on Thursday.

Do you think it could be the surgical pin trying to stick or come thru the top of my hand due to the reaching or stretching back motion I did in the car????

Please someone, give me your similar, personal experience or advise me what I should do.

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replied June 13th, 2017
I had CMC 12/15 on my right dominant hand and wish I never had it. This surgery failed and now not having use of my thumb or index finger I have to go and have surgery again with a cadaver ligament.
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