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bartholin's cyst ruptured ?

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Im not sure if its exactly what I have but I do know it is very swollen and hurts ALOT. The Dr gave me antibiotics for it and I have a follow up this week...I just dont remember if he said it was a cyst or just the gland infected. Either way I wanted to know how am I suposed to know when it actually ruptures or starts to drain. What does it feel like?
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replied December 3rd, 2008
You'll probably feel a release of pressure when a cyst or abscess pops. A small surgical cut can completely drain the abscess. This provides the greatest relief and the fastest recovery. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia in a doctor's office. A catheter (tube) may be used to continue to allow draining while the area heals.

Call your doctor if you find a painful, swollen lump on the labia near the vaginal opening and that does not improve with 2-3 days of home treatment, if pain is severe and interferes with normal activity or if you develop a fever higher than 100.4.
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