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Bartholin Gland cysts and sex

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I am currently 25 years old and have been experiencing the glorious inflammation of the Bartholin Gland. It has been about four months now, and I have gotten two that have become infected; one on each gland. I have never even heard of such a medical problem before this. Reading numerous articles on the internet all make it sound like a simple problem that goes away within weeks. However that was not my case.

After much pain they both managed to drain and somewhat go away. After the second one popped, I felt major relief, and two weeks later I had sex with my boyfriend and it was extremely painful. I made an appointment to go see the doctor and he said that I had another bartholin cyst forming and that they were going to drain it before it became infected. After he drained it I waited another two weeks and then tried to have sex again. Sex was still extremely painful. So after yet another three weeks of not having sex with my boyfriend, we decided that maybe it was completely heeled from where they drained me (because that is what I thought was causing the pain) we had sex and it still hurt so bad. So I went back to the Doctor and he had informed that I had a vaginal infection (but wasn't quite sure what) and he also mentioned that he could still feel the Cyst but the vaginal infection was causing the pain during sex. I took my antibiotics and waited another two weeks for the infection to clear up to have sex. When I had sex again it was still extremely painful.

I don't understand why these cysts that are not infected but are present cause such pain during sex. Will I ever be able to have normal sex without pain again? Has anyone else experienced so much pain after the glands have been infected or drained? Does anyone have any kind of advice for me??? I have run out of options and I think that this doctor might be misdiagnosing me?

I have been informed about the surgery and after reading some of the forum's on this website I am now more than ever considering it. However will it make the pain during sex stop?
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replied October 8th, 2009
Bartholin cyst
well im wondering the same thing because it also happens to me.. i already had the surgery and it is still painful so i dont know.. and i just recently got the other side drained...
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replied November 13th, 2011
Bartholin Cyst ? Try this! Express the Gland yourself EASY!
I've dealt with Bartholin Cysts for years now. I only get them on one side, the left side. It is very easy for me to relieve them and I hope this will work for you too if you get Bartholin Cysts.

Just use your fingers to locate the "grape-like" cyst.
(You can lay down or sit on the toilet to do this. Perhaps taking one of those sitz baths before hand will help too, but I have never had to do that part.)

Take one or more fingers and press on the "grape-like" ball till it's holding still and secure, then continue to slowly press a bit harder, keeping constant pressure on it.

Then, increase your pressure on it till you feel this little teeny tiny sting inside your labia (you have success when you feel that!)........and then suddenly all of this clear mucousy liquid will come pouring out (it is the same stuff that you see when you have sex and your body lubricates itself when you get wet), but keep your pressure on the "grape" and walk your fingers over it to make sure you have gotten all of the liquid out. FYI....Sorry to be graphic, just want to help anyone out there with this issue.....but it is so easy to press on your Bartholin cyst to release the liquid inside, even my boyfriend has learned how to press on it and the extra lubrication that comes out is helpful for sex. Not trying to gross anyone out, just saying how easy, helpful and useful this remedy is!!!

If you still feel a little bump in there afterwards, do another round of the stabilizing with the fingers and then put the pressure on. You may feel like there is still a tiny (about the size of a pea) bump after you release the liquid, but I find that sized one can usually go away on it's own after I do this at home remedy.

This technique works great for me for several years, Hope this can help someone else out there! Good luck!

PS, I never had any type of infection that had strange foul odor, nor any type of strangely colored or bloody secrection. If you do have anything remotely different than clear odorless liquid... then you REALLY need to see your doctor.
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replied January 10th, 2012
Bartholyn Cyst Options
I have been dealing with my bartholyn for over 8 years. Some quick history, and maybe some insight for you...

7 times,it has been lanced open to relieve some of the pressure... Then in March 2011, it became inflamed (I like to refer to it as the angry stage). At this time, the doctor did what is called a marsuplization, where they cut a hole into the cyst wall and create a perminant opening for the cyst to drain. They do this by stitching the cell wall open. After a few months of bliss... The cyst started filling up (even with the hole created). I had to do the "milking" process to get it to drain and I had a fowl odor and a greenish fluid started coming through. I ended up having to wear pads constantly cause it would just drain on its own. Anyways, the green is NO good! I also had about 4 weeks of naseau. You definitely need to talk to your doctor. I did and in December 2011, they did a full excision of the gland and cyst. I'm still in the healing process (4 weeks) but after the marsuplization, the doctor made me wait until it became "angry" again.

I went to 2 doctors before I landed with my current doctor. I wish you the best... I know its terrible to deal with.
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