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Bananas are Very Beneficial for Colon Health

Colon health is very important to note ,bananas are believed to have many benefits, as to maintain the health of the stomach and colon health.
Bananas have a compound that maintains a probiotic or bacteria in the colon. Compounds that produce enzymes that are beneficial to improve digestion and protect against unhealthy bacteria infections.
Because there are certain compounds, bananas friendly with colon health, stomach irritation and even overcome,
At one banana comb, the record contains nutrients contained 11% fiber and 108 calories. Content, he continued, quite fitting for digestion. In addition, banana glut significant effect to increase intake prevents excessive.
Being friendly foods for colon health, bananas are known to have the ability to maintain the health of the stomach. The content of protease inhibitors possessed a substance that can break down bacteria in the stomach that causes stomach ulcers.
Bananas are also known to be a good intermediary for the body to absorb calcium. The content of its probiotic bacteria in this very important role.
Vitamin B6 in the body works to maintain the colon health and uterus were also owned a banana. Vitamin B6 plays a role in maximizing the work of folate in the body so that the process becomes smooth bowel movement. Thus, consumption of bananas every day is recommended to help work the intestines and digestion.
In addition to the health benefits of colon and stomach, the content that is in bananas could also stimulate the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone, which improves mood and give a sense of health and tranquility.
Sometimes influenced mental health, some suggested eating a banana for soothing, cool taste is also good for digestion.
Bananas are also a viable alternative for a diet food because fast filling function. Breakfast with bananas can help smooth the digestive and cardiovascular systems, which protect the body from stress, especially women. Nutritional content such as folic acid, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium
Not only that, the banana has a natural antacid effect that neutralizes hydrochloric acid and stimulates production of mucous or mucus in the stomach, so as to prevent and overcome irritation and stomach acid. Thus, it is advisable to eat a banana half an hour before meals or after meals .
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First Helper Andriz

replied January 18th, 2013
Eating a banana daily can help to increase body power because banana contains 11% fiber, 108 calories. Most people take banana to get calcium which play great role in body. Banana is good alternative diet food for function of body.
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