My daughter is a ballet dancer she broke Her Tibula How Long Will It Before She Can Get Back To Pointe dancing,
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replied July 14th, 2015
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Nitaalfreda - sorry to hear of your daughters recent break! There are many variables on when she can get back onto pointe. My daughter did ballet for many years, and was also on pointe, so I know the physical stresses of getting onto pointe in normal situations, nonetheless after breaking a leg!

How severe was the break? Did it effect the area of the growth plate (I’m assuming she is still young and growing???) How did she break the leg? Was it a “high- energy” break - Motor vehicle accident, or was it a “Low-energy” break - fall, twisting? If its “high-energy” you have many other problems going on than just a broken bone, e.g., damage to the tendons, muscles, nerves - those can really effect the healing process.

If it was displaced, it can take longer to heal, as the bone has more filling in to do! I’ve seen young and old heal up really well, but also seen young and old heal up extremely slow with many problems.

I would really make sure to get her in to see a physical therapist; which they might be able to get you a better idea on a time-line!

Good luck, and I hope she heals up quickly!

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