I have never had any issues with hair loss at all. My father isn't completely bald but does have male pattern baldness (the top of his head still has hair, but it's very thinned out, keep in mind that my father is middle aged approaching old so thinning of hair is expected). So at the beginning of the year I completely shaved my head because I finished school and I figured I can do what I want so why not. Since then I haven't gotten my hair cut at all (not even a trim), it's been about a year. So hair grow was normal that whole time until about a month or two ago (this was about the same time I started lifting weights as well). However recently when I got to wash my hair the whole drain would be completely clogged from hair that has fallen out. After I was finished rubbing shampoo through my hair my hands would be COVERED with hair. This happened every time I wash my hair for the most part of a month.

Now I'm not a doctor so I have no idea what the cause or prevention of this could be (hence why I'm asking now). But after that period of losing hair I decided to do a google about it to see if there was anything I could do. These were the things I found...

1. After exercise wash your hair (I have always done a lot of sports and never washed my hair directly after, however I started to wash my hair directly after I lift weights and I saw instantly that I was losing less hair. It could be a coincidence, I don't know, that's why I'm asking)

2. Not cutting your hair for a long time can cause hair loss (I had the goal to not cut my hair for 3 years, however I will cut that short if I need to, but I want to be sure it'd help before I do that)

3. I read somewhere that humans can get seasonal shedding of hair, while it has never happened to me before I've never been even close to this long without cutting my hair so it might work into my second point. Is this true?, could this literally just be my body getting rid of a lot of old hair and it'll just regrow in time?

4. Lack of vitamins. My diet has never been healthy, but my mum's a health freak so if she's making a meal it'll be fairly healthy and because she knows how often I get fast food and stuff she'd always make me have fish oil's and multi vitamins every morning. However since I have finished school I have been less monitored and I just haven't bothered having said vitamins for about a year now. (I'd have some every now and then, but for the most part I haven't been having them). Also it might be worth noting that I'm not over weight, I have 13% body fat, my diet is bad but I don't over eat per say.

5. Brushing hair regularly massages your scalp and increases hair growth (so I've heard). Growing up I have never brushed my hair unless I was forced to for formal events or whatever. However as well as washing my hair straight after lifting weights I started brushing my hair every day and I've had less hair loss, could be a coincidence but I don't know.

Now I think my hair loss has stopped (I can't really tell, I'll post a picture of how much hair gets stuck in the drain and I'd like an opinion on if that's normal or not, it's definitely WAYYYY less then what I was losing in my hair loss phase). However it still hasn't been a long time since I have lost that hair so I can't tell if it's growing back, or if I've just stopped losing more. Also, just as more info, the hair around the back and sides of my hair seem to be normal, it's just the top of my head as if it were male pattern baldness.

Picture of hair loss (keep in mind that when I was in the hair loss phase, that drain would be so clogged that the floor of the shower would literally start to fill up with water just from the hair that was falling out of my head. Also I wash my hair more regularly now, probably about once every 2 days): http://imgur.com/l1VLsc6.jpg

So basically what I'm asking here is which pieces of information are true?, which are false?, any new information that could assist me?, is this normal?, would you say the hair loss in that picture is back to normal?

And finally the golden question, is there anything I can do to help grow back my hair/ stop hair loss (short of drugs, if it's something that's just going to naturally happen to me then I don't care, I just feel like this is way to early in my life to be something that just naturally happens which makes me think I can stop it, but if I can't then so be it)
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replied January 8th, 2016
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From what I understand its caused from higher testosterone levels in your body
Guys with hair have higher levels , so really no way to reduce that.
Some hair follicles are suseptable to testosterone and others not , that is how they
can do hair transplants by moving the ones not effected to the area where higher
testosterone levels are located on the scalp.

Balding guys do tend to have a higher sex drive which is also caused by having higher testosterone levels.
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