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Balancing stability with stress ?

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A lot of things have been happening at once.

I found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me, I suspected for a month or so but got confirmation recently. I'm still trying to break up with him, but I still love him, only, in a very detached way. I also recently fell in love with another man who loved me back. It's one of those intense loves where you guys connect so well that you can finish eachothers sentences, and your past and present selves are almost duplicate. It's the kind of intensity where looking at eachother fills you with passion you never knew you had. The kind of intelligence you've been craving for in a man is there, and somehow he feels the same about you. Except this man is afraid of comittement because his last girlfriend destroyed him inside out. He said, it's best we dont speak for a month and maybe we can be friends. This hurt wildly. Not that I can ever let that show.

I got in contact with a Social Worker who has connections with my Birth Mother. I'm very excited, but it's a lot to handle.

I also got feedback from my Cegep and they said they did not have enough space for the program I have been working 2 years to get into. So they put me in Social Science, which means I'm off to university in another year when I graduate for Psychology.

My mom got fired from work, we work at the same place, and we shared the months shifts, and now I'm working 4-7 times a week full time. This means I have no time for social life or relaxation.

I got test results back yesterday for cognitive analysis. There is a problem with my memory and I'm struggling to afford the recommendation of having neuropsychology because my memory proved to be borderline. That means there's not much going on which explains my amnesia.

I am also working on 3 people who have suicidal episodes which are at their peak right now. One of them is in a hospital and I barely find time to visit her. I'm always helping people discover themselves and their reality, where they want to be, and support them for months in achieving their goals. It's not something I can just back out of.

Ontop of all this, I have consistent fighting at home because of the abuse my parents put me through my entire life, emotionally and physically. It's time I move out but gathering the facts of where I stand with all the things in my life, it would not be the best choice right now.

So there's most of the stressors in my life. How do I maintain health, sleep and emotions throughout each day? I'm highly irregular in these areas and i obtain to always remain stable and under control. I have had lack of sleep for over a month now and I'm not sure how to take in all this stress. im doing fine now, except I cry throughout the day and especially at night, I cant help it. I know because this whole scenario of events are fresh, that I'm at my peak, but with time, say a week or two I will start to crash. I barely have time for showers within 3-5 day periods and because of my inefficiency to eat and sleep, I am feeling exhausted and wasted.

any suggestions for someone like me?
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replied June 5th, 2010
Hey girl. I kind of have what you have. I can't eat, I've lost ten lbs so far and I was tiny already. I constantly feel sick from stress and cry myself to sleep and when I wake up. I drag my feet around like a zombie and mope. It's boyfriend issues, both crazily in love for three years, long story short, he likes another girl now, since we've been having a rocky relationship and I've been pushing him away, he couldn't take it anymore so he broke up with me and I begged him back. and he took me and said he'll try. But I'm still crazily depressed to the point of almost puking when I see her and know he likes her, but he's trying not to. But idk, you just have to hang in there. See friends a lot, it helps so much
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replied June 6th, 2010
Support helps alot, but my friends are, not very understanding or value character values enough to dig into empathy or knowledge of future results. They take it as it is, do what they want and dont let nobody confuse them. It's difficult to deal with for someone like me, I value patience, understanding, broadness and character values. Anyways, Im sorry to hear about your situation. Hang in there and always watch out for patterns.
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