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Bad strep and tooth pain

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I have been getting every type of strep over the last 5 years. I do plan to get my tonsils taken out, because they suck. I get strep at least 5-7 times a year. However I am having new issues. My teeth hurt and I have bad lock jaw. It hurts to open my mouth up and just a few days ago it hurt my teeth to chew. I am wondering about this new symptom. I can't find anything regarding strep and teeth. Now it just feels like I have a second pair of wisdom teeth coming in and all I want to do is slice my gum open and stab at it cause it hurts and has a lot of pressure on it. OF course I won't do this, bleh. However can strep infect your teeth nerves? Will removing your tonsils and antibiotics take care of how far your strep has spread? I would think my right lung and teeth area are now infected. Is this strep or sinusitis? Sinusitis is the only infection like strep that causes tooth sensitivity. Anyway if you know anything regarding strep spreading and especially focused on teeth please tell me.

- What does it mean when canned tuna and packaged fish cause tooth pain, is this an allergy to a packaging factor, or is it mercury? (off the wall question)
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replied December 20th, 2014
Same question/issue. Wish you had gotten an answer...
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