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Bad pain in arm for months that feels like it's in the bone???

Hi everyone, really hoping someone here has some experience with anything like this Smile
Basically for a few months now I've had this ongoing pain in my right arm that's just gotten worse and and worse over time, to the point where it's almost unbearable. It started off as a dull sort of ache and (I know this sounds strange), felt like it was right in the bone (in one certain area - top of the right arm). Never any redness etc, just pain. For a little while I just shrugged it off, but as the pain has gotten worse, it's started to spread through my arm (but the pain still feels like it's all in the bone)????
It now hurts me to do anything. Simply opening a jar or lifting something very light sends pain along the bottom and top of my arm bone, and now it goes into my wrist too. Some days I walk around the house having to physically carry my right arm with my left arm, because it just hurts too much.
Does anyone know what it could be? I should add I'm early twenties, I don't remember knocking my arm or anything so I'm just not sure. Im just so tired all the time (a lot of it is due to constantly being in pain and still having to work, run around after a toddler, etc). I've also lost about 12kg in the past month from being so tired and stressed so I just want some answers. Currently at 40kg and don't want to go much lower from the stress and pain of everything etc, aware no one here is a qualified doctor but if anyone has had a similar thing happen, please share! I should also note that I do have an appointment with a doctor tomorrow.
Thanks in advance Smile
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replied April 8th, 2019
Hey! I think you should go for massage therapy. Maybe the pain is inside your muscles. Massage therapy will help you relax your arm muscles and after regular massage therapy, the pain may become lesser and lesser with time. Even you will get fully relieved after continuous massage therapy. There are special massage therapies for different muscles that can help you relax.
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replied May 17th, 2019
how to get rid of pains
Hey! the problem is surely coming from your bones around your arm giving raise to excess pains. You might want to go through massage therapy while taking some pains killers like darvocet to facilitate the massage so you feel less pains and makes the massage more effective. I had such issue but on my leg. Not being able to pay high charges in the hospital, i once browse this site where i took some darvocet while going through a massage therapy and luckily i was healed. So u can give a try. Wish you recover, i undestand the pains you are going cause i once went through that.
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replied August 2nd, 2019
I also get this sensation from time to time in my lower arm I do find flight relief from muscle cream with paraffin in them but not too sure what the exact problem is,hope this helps
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