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Bad mother & bad wife and may be bipolar

I need help, I looked up an ex boyfriend who just so happens to be I n prison for aggravated sexual abuse, I never ha intentions of pursuing anything with this person but my husband found out, I'm in a very bad predicament and need help. I've contacted an ex before in my past and got caught for that also. Me and my husband have been through a lot in our past, he's cheated and I have as well. I'm a mother of two and love my family dearly but I don't know why I do things I do.... I'm a bad wife and mother, I think I might bi polar disorder. Someone please help me.
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replied March 29th, 2013
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I don't know why you do the things you do but I think you can discount having a bipolar disorder or if you do you can't necessarily blame it for the bad choices you make.
If you suspect you have a bipolar disorder you need a diagnosis from a specialist. You cannot assume such a thing without. Most people are bipolar to some extent. Even those who are within the bounds of normality are capable of acting a little oddly sometimes and not quite fitting in with the rest and such people learn to know themselves and make extra effort to compensate in order to be accepted as a normal member of society.
Perhaps you have recognised something "different" about yourself but haven't made that extra effort to be the "same"?

I wonder why you claim to be a bad wife and mother? Being bad at one doesn't necessarily mean being bad at both.

When a person makes a bad or unwise choice it is because they haven't thought about the possible consequences or if they have they have dismissed them as being inconvenient or unimportant to what they want to do at that time. There are a number of reasons for this and one probable culprit is not being forced to develop the habit of thinking about things during your upbringing?

Perhaps you are self-centred or selfish by nature and simply act upon a whim and face the consequences later? Perhaps you are incapable of stretching your imagination far enough to put yourself in someone else's shoes and imagine how your actions will feel to someone else?

Exploring the consequences of your actions and evaluating them before acting on an idea is called caution. Not everyone is cautious by nature and have to work to develop caution. It is possible to use the intellect to overcome nature and practice until a habit is formed.

I can't really comment more without knowing more about you...
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replied April 2nd, 2013
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Hi Cann2013....Get some help...There is something in you that is driving you to pursue these people...Two wrongs do not make a right in your marriage...Being a bad wife and Mother is not acceptable...

My best advice is to get some mental health...This can be controlled...Take care...

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