ive got a great man...he's wonderful to me.
he treats me with respect.
he listens to me
he spends time with me when he can
he tells me im beautiful
he tells me he loves me
he tells me he wouldnt know what to do without me
he tell me that im better than all the other girls...
he tells me alot of things....
but i have such stong insecurities about myself.
but,on the other hand im very confident.
its kind of hard to explain.
He knows how insecure i am.I like to try to believe that he believe im the only girl for him and im beautiful and this and that...but im always thinkin that he thinks some girl is prettier or better than me..and the thing i hate most is his relationship with a girl he used to talk to.
they only dated for 2 days because she said they should just be friends.
they are still really good friends.they go to the same church.and shes close to his family and what not.this really annoys me! he tells me i dont have anything to worry about and im better and he doesnt want her...but im always thinking that he does in the back of my mind.i mean,i know he's happy with me and he says he loves me..but i guess im just a jealous person. and i really need to work on that but i dont know how..any tips?
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replied October 30th, 2008
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you really dont, if he would have wanted to he would have already done it. if some chik is after your guy jus laugh it off cause their so desperate u kno. your boyfriend isnt taking things further so hes not at fault. IM me if you need to talk . i can send u my yahoo!IM if u want Smile
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replied February 5th, 2011
Being insecure is one thing; being paranoid is another. If he says so, give him the benefit of the doubt. It is not healthy to doubt your partner. If you don't notice any changes, stop being so paranoid. Breathe and be happy he's staying with you. Wink
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