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bad headaches on one side,could something be seriousley wrong

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for the past few months i've been getting headaches on the right side of my head. and my right eye hurts when i move it and feels as if its heavy the last few days. i have bad eyes anyway and have just changed my glasses as doctors told me this may help. i have also been just put on the contraceptive pill which the doctor says may be a reason for my headaches. but since they have carried on i'm not sure it is the pill and i'm worried it could be something more a tumor. i'm to scared to tell anyone because i'm worried of what i will find out Sad and i also think the doctor will just put it down to something to do with the pill as my arms and legs sometimes feel numb. can someone please help and tell me what they think this could be i'm really worried. x
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replied July 14th, 2009
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It is true that you may experience headaches due to uncorrected vision, since your eyes strain to see better.
Headache due to refractive error, is usually recurrent mild headache felt at the frontal area and in the eyes themselves.
Headache and eye pain are absent on awakening and are aggravated by prolonged visual tasks during the day.
They resolve within 7 days, and do not recur after full correction of refractive error.
The eye pain is mild, dull, aching, with the feeling of tired, hot, uncomfortable, sore and strained eyes.
Headaches are side effects of contraceptive pills, too.
Another thing that need to be considered is the one sided headache and one sided eye pain when you move the eye ball.
If this eye pain on moving is accompanied with blurred vision, you should talk with your ophthalmologist about optic neuritis, or inflammation of optic nerve.
It can be a presenting, initial symptom of multiple sclerosis.
Headache is accompanying symptom of optic neuritis and MS.
Abnormal sensations like numbness, tingling, burning on skin extremities could be an early symptom of multiple sclerosis, too.
I don't mean to cause you excessive worries, just want you to be aware of possibility for these symptoms to be MS symptoms.

Best wishes!
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replied January 6th, 2011
Or, it could just be cluster headaches. Rare in women and even rarer in women under 30 but an unfortunate few of us get them. I was pretty freaked out when I first started getting them, thought I was dying. They're periodical, a period can last a week up to years (mine are usually about a month, every six months), where you get headaches, usually multiple a day, that are hemispherical or concentrated on one side of your head, usually behind your eye. These headaches hurt severely (they used to call them suicide headaches) and can be treated with migraine medicine.
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replied August 21st, 2012
During Flight severe head pain (above eyes):
During Flight severe head pain (above eyes):


- Before takeoff (around 10 minutes before)- Drink atleast 2-3 glass of water. And, in case last time you experienced a

"high" pain, have a pain killer (aspirin, paracetamol - Panadol 500 mg tablets) before the take off along with the water.

***Avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking on the day of flight.

- During takeoff (time between when the plane is on runway and when in air and the seatbelt sign is turned off):
(a) Tightly close both your ears (with your finger or ear buds) during take off and landing. During take off, try to close it till the seat-belt sign is turned off. (would be around 10-14 minutes)
(b) Chew gum while your ears are closed helps to remove pressure from your ears.
(c) After take off, have some light food like sandwich/biscuits/cake/wafers with water.

(Sleep well the night before the flight)

Take care!!
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