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bad headaches everyday, im always tired...

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i get bad headaches everyday im always tired im nausous all the time when i eat something little im full i use the restroom a lot to poop and urinate i went to the emergency room and they told me everything was normal can there really be something wrong with me that they could not find i do have the mirana iud and they gave me a blood sugar test and urine pregnancy test nothing!
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replied April 12th, 2011
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Hi Chelly, how are you?
I'm not a doctor. I hope you don't mind me making some suggestions, untill a doctor answers you.
There are many factors to consider that can cause headaches, some are: Anxiety, Stress, Diet, Posture, Blood Pressure, Teeth and more. If you eat something little and you feel full, you shouldn't be using the restroom a lot to poop. Small intake of food, usualy leads to small output of poop. If you urinate a lot, do you drink a lot of fluids?
If you feel nausea, try chewing/eating a slice of ginger, it usualy works well.
Doctors and tests are never 100% accurate.
Have you ever looked into Natural Remedies?
Please keep us posted.
TC. T. rainbow
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