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Bad eater desperate eat right

Hi! I am 20 years old who eats like a 10 year old.
I admit that I am slightly overweight, though I feel like a fat pig! I would do anything to lose a few pounds, but with my poor eating habits this makes it much harder...
Most people at this moment would say: "Just eat right then!" But I am sorry to say that it isn't that simple for me... For some strange reason, I cannot eat most of the healthy foods, the only ones I can eat are fating junk foods! Most people would now just tell me to stop being a baby and start eating right, but unfortunately its not that simple. Ever since I was about five years old, I simply stopped eating fruits and vegetables! Why? I don't know! But ever since then, when I try to force myself to eat I vomit and/or feel sick! Its like everything is disgusting! Everybody tells my its a psychological problem, but how do I get over it?? Almost everyday I have been trying to eat fruits and vegetables but I've been getting myself sick and frustrated by doing so!
I am feeling so bad because of my weight lately and I admit I've been thinking about becoming bulimic, though I am aware its a stupid thing to do, it seems to be the only way out! But when I read about what else it does to your body, I give up... And I know it is not smart to start vomiting just because I need to lose a few pounds!
Other than losing weight, I would love to have a healthy life and enjoy it! For now I eat nothing but Pizza, Chocolate, Sandwiches, Pasta, Chicken and Meat! But seriously I cannot get myself to eat anything else! Why is that?? I swear I've tried eating fruits and vegetables but I can't do it! Please help me! I need help urgently by someone who can understand me...
Thank you very much.
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replied September 23rd, 2010
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hi, i think your problem is one which fallse intoto the catergy of eating disorder otherwise unspecified (tipical catchall of docters). go and speek to your family docter or a specilist dietitan (you might get a referal from your family docter), it may be that there is a phober or other shicological block which is coursing your problem and a speclist will be able to help you work throgh this.

while you are weighting for help it would probily be benifical if you manged to eat multivitamins as you body will be craving the vitamins and minerals which frut and vegtables provide.

it is difficult for those who do not understand to see the real problems of an eating diorder, it may help to get some litrechour for your family to help them help you. your docter will hopfuly be understaning but you may need to see a difernt docter if they are not.

feel free to mesage me if you need a lissening ear.
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