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I keep having bad dreams. Several in one night. And its starting to get to me.
Im dreaming of my family members nearly dying.. Planes crashing right in front of me..
Planes going out of control while im on them. Ive always had dreams about lifts.. they just go really fast, side to side with no doors on.
And im also dreaming about my BF... that his cheating in front of me.. treating me like crap infront of ppl. (but thats not what his like)
I am really starting to get down.. Is it meaning somethings going to happen???
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replied December 10th, 2009
hello sam24.
in the last few months, i also have nightmares..

in my opinion, you may having your bad dreams because you're not having a deep sleep.
if you can get your deep sleep, i'm sure you won't have any bad dreams.
i'm started to use mcsquare and now, i'm not having any bad dreams and i can feel very fresh whenever i wake up in the morning.
so fresh and so relax. why don't you have a try on it.
hope to hear from you soon.
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replied December 10th, 2009
hello sam24

I get these kind of dreams while it could be that you are not getting enough sleep. It can also mean something major
may happen in your life. Or it can be your body telling you something is wrong that your mind can not get hold of. or it could be nothing. I know for me I would write the dream or dreams down and during the daytime change the ending of the bad dream (s) then at night when you have them your mind will replay the good endings instead of the bad.
best of luck
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