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bad cramps after my period , later started spotting

Hi everyone. I AM 24, AND Well Two weeks after my period i started having really bad cramps, AND about 4 days later i started spotting,saw it only when i wiped, then for two days i had more of a flow with bright red blood, but IT was an on and off again bleeding, and then next two days spotting again. Would anyone consider that a period? I have irregular periods but i am ALWAYS late. i have never HAD ANY SPOTTING OR BLEEDING before a period. and now i am two weeks late from my normal period. So what day should i consider my period from, the normal period or the spotting (was that a period)..... I AM SUPER WORRIED BECAUSE I CONTINUE TO HAVE CRAMPS BUT NO PERIOD. MY LOWER BACK ACHES AND NOW MY BREAST ARE STARTING TO HURT AS HELL! Sad I'VE TAKEN PREGNANCY TEST AND THEY'VE COME BACK NEGATIVE. I went to the doctor and she said it could be pregnancy or miscarrage, but since test came back negative (this is two weeks from the abormal bleeding) she ruled it out, she didnt even do a vaginal examination. it was those free clinics. She just said that if i continue to have discomfort to go back there or go to er. THEY WERENT THAT HELPFUL! Sad

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replied July 5th, 2012
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Sounds like you are a student? Do you not have a health clinic on campus?

If your periods are always late, it sounds like you are on a different schedule than you think you are, and your cycles are longer than you think they are.

Your period is from the time you flow, not from the spotting. So from the first time you had to change your pad or tampon because it was getting full, rather than just because it was time to change.

Stress can also cause this sort of changes to your cycles.

Best of luck!
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replied July 14th, 2012
So It's been about two weeks after my post, and i still continue to have constant cramps and lower back aches, i've been having a lot of clear discharge this past week, and the weirdest thing happen, i went to use the potty and when i wiped i felt really wet(tmi)and when i looked it was a lot of clear Thick stringy discharge combined with a small amount of bright red blood. it was just that. and today i've been having a small amount of dark brown discharge but it's a lil bit, like a string. i had taken 3 pregnancy test which came back negative with my last abnormal bleeding posted up above. so idk what it can be. Anyone had this similar situation? LAST NORMAL PERIOD MAY 22-27, ABNORMAL SPOTTIN/BLEEDING JUNE 14-18 AND NOW BROWN DISCHARGE JULY 13 AND 14!
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replied November 13th, 2012
I've been having the same exact problem. I haven't gone to see anyone and I am definitely not pregnant. I'm also very concerned about this and haven't found anywhere that says anything about it. Have you found out what is wrong? I realize it was kind of long ago that you posted this.
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