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Bad copper taste in mouth

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Can any one help ? For the past few weeks I have been getting a bad taste in my mouth, as if I have been sucking pennies!!!!!
I dont wake up with it but it developes over the day. I have tied changing toopaste its not that. Been to the dentist this week and all is well there. Its driving me mad.
Mad Thanks for any advise.
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replied June 11th, 2009
hello and welcome. This seems to be common problem and i looked into it. The only thing i could find was a medical name. (dysgeusia)
This describes Abnormal taste or change in taste when things are described as salty, metalic, foul or rancid.

constipation, smoking, medication, antibiotics, aceinhibitors, dental issues and vitamin or mineral deficiency.

common cold, flu. strep throat, and nasal and sinus infections.
according to reliable source of which i can,t name as (it would be classed as advertising) states this usually clears on its own.

i suffer from constipation and suffer from that horrible salty taste and my medication of fentanyl can be a factor.
hope this helps in some way as its the closest ive found in research in this problem.

watch your post for other replies.
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