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bacterial vaginosis and hormonal imbalance

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Hello, my problem appears to be hormonal. I had a hormonal test done over 6 months ago and it came back really out of range. I have had back acne for the past five years, extra hairs on my chin and now I have been dealing with recurring bacterial vaginosis for the past year. Also, I have been having trouble getting pregnant for over a year now. When I was sixteen I had a cyst blow up in my ovary and I also took oral contraceptives for about 4 years in my late teens and early 20s. I am 29 now. My question is whether all these symptoms are connected to the hormonal imbalance and if so, what I should do about it?
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replied March 18th, 2009
Re: BV and HI
Hello there,
I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. You should seek the advise of a MD specializing in reproductive endocrinology to help you find the proper diagnosis and treatment for your symptoms. From what you describe, you may or may not have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which can cause the symptoms you describe and difficulty getting pregnant. Talk to your doctor so that the proper tests can be run, your hormones can be corrected with medicine and you can get help conceiving. Good luck!
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