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Bacterial Imbalance Problems (SIBO & Urogential Infections)


I am a 25 year old female and I have been suffering from various health problems for over a year and I was wondering if anyone had any insights that could help me.

Last year I became sexually active for the first time in my life. Few months after that, I had acute tonsillitis and was prescribed Clindamycin and since then, life has only been downhill for me. I feel like the antibiotics damaged my immunity as I constantly got yeast infections and BV following that (never had either before this my entire life), mostly after penetrative sex, even though I used condoms. My overall health was not great either as I was constantly catching colds and throat infections, despite getting the flu shots and taking measures to boost my immunity and stay healthy.

Towards the end of last year, I got a UTI for the first time ever in my life, again after penetrative sex. It was extremely severe, I was treated with Nitrofurantoin Monohydrate 100 mg and the UTI was cured. After that episode, I educated myself more about urogenital infections. I started taking AZO cranberry pills for preventing UTIs, and Rephresh ProB probiotics to maintain vaginal bacteria, started peeing ritualistically after sex etc. It all seemed to be working as I was fine for 4-5 months after that. I'd occasionally get a mild case of yeast or BV which I would be able to treat on my own but was fine for most part and was even able to have regular sex without worry.

But a couple of months later, I was extremely tired one night and fell asleep without peeing after sex and immediately got my second UTI the next day, which was also extremely severe. This time I went to a different doctor who prescribed Ciprofloxacin 500 mg which cured the infection but made my life hell.
The Cipro messed up my gut bacteria and since then, every time I eat any food past mid day, I have been experiencing extreme bloating that causes my stomach to swell up to twice its size. I am miserable as there is so much pain and pressure in my gut caused by the excessive bloating and gas and I'm not able to function normally. After suffering a month of bloating every day, I spoke to a family friend who is a gastroenterologist (I don't trust my doctors anymore) and he said it sounds like I'm having excessive fermentation, possibly IBS caused by small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). He also told me it is possible that some antibiotics can make people lactose intolerant which might have happened in my case.

He asked me to go on a low FOD Maps diet, avoid dairy and start taking the probiotic "Align" which has the strain B.infantis. I did that and experienced significant relief for about a week after, no more bloating. But suddenly the extreme bloating is back and I am at a loss because I did not do anything different to bring on the bloating.

I am desperate and miserable and I just want to feel normal again. I have tried many different probiotics (both as supplements and in food like Kombucha) and health foods, some work briefly but some problem or the other is always recurring. The worst being the extreme bloating as it is affecting my daily life, I am unable to focus on work. Does anyone have any experience with this and any advice on how I can maintain a healthy and normal amount of bacteria in my gut and urogenetilia? I apologize for the extremely long and detailed post but I really need help. I am grateful for any help, thanks in advance.
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replied May 8th, 2017
Hi there, I could write a long reply, but I'm just going to say that until 5 days ago I was completely fine and normal, that's when I had to take antibiotics (cephaloxin) to prevent infection in a minor cut. Two days later I stared getting the worst gut symptoms, bloating, pain in the abdomen, urinary tract, it is evident the antibiotic disrupted my guts friendly bacteria and other bacteria resistant to antibiotic stared to proliferate. I started reasearching on the internet like crazy, and I stumbled upon this specific type of probiotics, but what draws my attention is the reviews.
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