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bacterial endocarditis.

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hi i have just been discharged from a 5 week stay in hospital, i was treated for endocarditis. i had 6 positive blood culture results to proove that i had a serious bacterial infection in my blood, but after many tests including mri they couldnt see the bacteria on my heart.....i have a vsd which i was born with so this is why they done a cardio mri. where else could the infection be then if it wasnt detected round my heart??
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replied August 5th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, here is something u might want to do to help your health because of taking anti-biotics which kill not only bad bacteria but also good.
i assume u r off the anti biotics
at a vitamin store for best price; buy enough pro-biotics to take 100 BILLION cultures daily for a month, cut in half each month till down to 6 billion
IF U R still taking any anti biotics; SEPARATE THE TIME OF DAY BY 3 HRS as they r opposite and at the same time will just cancel out and waste both
this is to give your immune system a boost which is needed especially now after all your problems and treatment
best wishes
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