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I am hoping someone can chime in here.

I am a 70 year old female with overall pretty good health. I recently broke my hip, and in 2014 I broke my arm and fractured my knee. I also have been diagnosed with Cerebellar Degeneration. I have a full top denture and most of my original teeth on the bottom gum. Other than these items, I am in good health, EXCEPT for and issue I have had for over 10 years with bacteria in my mouth populating my lips and face.

I don't know the medical terms for this condition, as I have seen multiple specialists, dentists, and ENT's and no one has been able to help me. I have tried countless creams, mouthwashes, and salves, everything from prescription to homeopathy remedy with no lasting results.

My symptoms include:
A "prickly" irritating feeling in my mouth and on my lips, often extending to my face, that never abates. This torments me, and causes me to wipe and scratch my mouth and face, often making it red and irritated.
My lips feel "sticky" and "wet" even when they appear dry to the touch. Imagine your skin covered with an invisible "slime", and that would describe it quite well.
I find that my tongue is constantly probing my lips, gums, and mouth area. Brushing my teeth and rinsing with mouthwash brings only very momentary relief from the irritation. It seems worse or "activated" whenever I eat or drink anything.
I have the sensation of the bacterial build up forming "layers" on my lips and in my mouth, that become thicker and more prominent as time goes one.

I know the above description is not in medical terms, but I have not been able to find a doctor who believes in my symptoms, so have a complete absence of medical terms to assist me in describing my problems.

Thanks to all for reading this post!

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