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Back up method and Yasmin

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Hello! nurse
I recently started taking the Yasmin for the first time ever. I was keeping track of my ovulation and we were using the riskier "pull-out" method. Now, I have started taking the Yasmin pill. I started it on Sunday, rather than on the first day of my period(which was Tuesday). But I am confused as to why they recommend using a back up method.

What does the Yasmin do to ovulation? And why would I need a back up method if I do not ovulate until 14 days after the start of my period? The Yasmin instructions are very specific for the Sunday you start to the next Sunday. Why is that stressed?

I have two guesses:
My guess is because any semen inside the body can stay alive for up to a week and if I ovulate, then it is possible to get pregnant.

The other guess is that the pill will not work for the first month you take it...(therefore the back up method)

Does the Yasmin mess up my cycle, or can I continue to track my ovulation as I did before I started taking the Yasmin and just use the backup methods a week before and during ovulation?

Someone clarify for me, please!! Question
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replied April 3rd, 2009
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Yasmine stops ovulation, just like many other birth control pills. Normally, you're protected after a week of perfect pill taking. I think they tell you to wait a month because they want you to get used to taking them, know how it affects you and make sure you are very protected.

It would be a waste to try and track ovulation since you won't be ovulating Wink

Use condoms your first week (I really wouldn't recommend the pull out method for this week).
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