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Back to work after hip replacement

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Hi there I just found this site as I was looking for some info on going back to work after a full hip replacement. I am 47 years old and have had a Perthes hip for most of my life I just had my hip replaces with a titanium replacement 4 weeks ago. My question to everyone is this; my surgeon says that I can go back to full duty as a firefighter in 3-6 months. I have been reading that you should do limited lifting, low impact sports, and that type of thing. This sounds nothing like firefighting which is extreme lifting with impact on your whole body. Does anybody have input as I am new to all of this?
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replied July 25th, 2010
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Hi fireshots4 and welcome to ehealth: We have two hip replacements in our family...My husband and son...Son is near your age...His was three years ago and husband two...I question certain rotations that you will have to make in your line of work...I am not a doctor nor a professional, but even Jack Nicklaus (we were golfers) had problems with golfing after his was done...Golfing has stressed our son...They get sore...My husband shares this thought and no matter what some people say, you do not get back a completely new hip....Of course, this is just my opinion...It's a wonderful surgery, but you have age against you...My opinion should have nothing to do with what your surgeon says, but I, like you would really question the heavy lifting such as people in distress and many other aspects of your job...I guess more than anything it's how you heal and the condition of your body that is important...I wish I could help you more on this, but that's all I can say...Take care..

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