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Would like a bit of gran and auntie has ankylosing spondylitis and i am developing the same symptoms as them but a previous doctor refused to test me as she says im too young, which i feel is rubbish as my auntie was tested and diagnosed when she was my age (22). My question is can ankylosing spondylitis skip a generation? If it can then why will my ex gp really not test/diagnose me?
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replied January 26th, 2011
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ankylosing spondylitis can strike anyone it doesnt need to skip a generation. In australia they are using somthing called tnf blockers to treat this disorder they are very effective but they are serious drugs that effect the immune system I am not sure if these drugs are being used in other countries for AKS if they arent i dont know why the motives of medical proffessionals can be hard to understand at times. There is no diffinitive test for AKS it can only be diagnosed for sure when the disorder becomes advanced and its signs can be seen clearly on xray. There are blood tests that can indicate wether you are predisposed to the condition but they are not proof that you have AKS
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