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I am suffering from back pain from past one year. Please give remedy for these. I will be thankfull to u.
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replied January 22nd, 2009
back pain remedy reply
i have been suffering from back pain since i was hit by a car 11-10-88. I have tried almost everything from across the globe nothng has worked I have had some relief at times but nothing has left me pain free. I suggest you stay as active as possible and remember that if you move it hurts but it also hurts if you dont move so live life my brother in law is a doctor and my foster daughter is in medical school now both of them has not found a "cure" yet. For the first 10 years I chased cures spent all our savings and maxed out credit and still has pain. I did in hospital pain management at the hospital for Joint Disease in NYC. I still use some of their methods to this day and they help. Surgery was not an option for me so I did every else out there up to date, now i'm living my life the best way I can. I go on vacations, i'm in the pto at my 7year old school as you can guess I had a baby against doctors orders and she is healthy and beautiful. Right now I am taking the shots again just cause I need to get ready for my daughters graduation from law school and I have to be able to move for a whole week at one time. Plase dont gain any weight that does make more pain so be careful. Enjoy your life as best as you can you can slow down the process but in the end you will have pain. I do everything a married couple does just slower and with more care but in time I can do everything except lifting and bending now sitting is getting bad but i do what i have to do and pain is secondary in my life. I hope this has helped you and good luck
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replied January 31st, 2009
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Do you mean traction. Traction tables have been around for years, and have never been shown to be effective for back pain to such an extent that in many settings it is no longer recommended for the treatment of back pain.
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replied February 1st, 2009
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Vax-d is a traction that has not proven to be any more helpful than the usual type of traction.

It's found in chiro offices, expensive, usually insurance doesn't pay for it and requires countless number of visit to obtain any potential relief in pain.

I've read more and more posts on various spine sites where it created further disc problems, made situations worse, and if it did provide any relief, it was only a temporary relief. Pain returned and process is started all over again.

It is not a cure, but rather a quick fix for temporary relief, if you are lucky.

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