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Back pain radiating through buttocks/thigh pins/needles in shin

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Got hurt @ work 2 years ago, L4/L5/S1 area, pain gradually got worse, now pain radiating down legs, unable to walk far (100 metres) then have to squat down till pain subsides or lay on back flat, unable to stand more than 5 minutes without pain going through right buttock and in right thigh then pin/needles in shin sitting down and pain subsides, Been for facet joint injections works for all of 2 hrs then pain comes back when walking or standing, Going for cortizone/steroid injections into the back as this hurts constant no matter what I do, tylenol 3's don't work to take pain off and ibuprofen don't take away the inflammation, neurosurgeon referred me pain specialist hence facet joint/steriod injections. Can put up with back pain but the pain in right leg/buttocks hip/thigh is really too much. I think that the sciatic nerve is pinched, going for another mri as the pain as not subsided,Anyone else got similar pain. got a inversion table but this not helping.
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replied April 13th, 2011
Went and had cortizone shot yesterday, (not too bad,you can feel a pressure when the injection is being administered,) sore today in area of injection but back feels 75% less painful, hope this keeps up scheduled for 2 more shots in may& June, as regards pain in right leg this is still present but seems duller, The Dr says my test on the facet joint was positive so has booked to have a Quote "Lumbar Facet Denervation(Rhizotomy) with radiofrequency Lesioning"This may take care of the right leg problem, He says it is more painful than the tests and Cortizone shots, but may reduce the pain between 17-90 %, Must say today feel more positive than I have in a while and dealing with much less pain.

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replied February 7th, 2012
L4-L5 $ L5-S1 back and leg radiating pain
Hi Dave,
I have the same exact symptoms, for about 1.5-2 years now. I had 3 epidural steroid injections and nothing but temporary relief that lasted up to two weeks. In fact the last injections was very painful and I could not move after 3-4 days for two days had to stay in bad. I thing the Dr5 missed the spot and nicked the nerve (he did L4-L5 & L5-S1 spots). I am not going back for epidural steroid injections. I have tried two different pills and no help whatsoever, not even a bit for one month each. They were non steroidal anti-inflamatory medicine. I did the physical therapy, stretching and strengthening about 10 months ago and got little worse. I think this is good long term solution to get better muscle support and improve flexibility but in short term got more pain (I think) due to nerve irritation. Now I am gong to chiropractor again and doing stretching and Pilates. Will see. I am now using heat, do not like cold which every Dr recommends because I got stiff back from cold. I think heat can help healing but also is counter productive for inflamation. I do not know if I should do another MRI after one year only? Could things change regarding the disk position, unlikely. Drs cannot pinpoint the problem from MRI because symptoms are diferent from diferent folks. Some have pain and other dont for the same disksdisplacement. I am tryng to move a lot and stay actrive. The mind can help a lot.
I have tryed acupuncture, too and no help. The massage helps temporarely and so far it is the only thing that feels good for short time.
Good luck and keep trying.
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replied February 12th, 2012
I've had nagging flare ups in lower back for last 10 years, ice, meds rest and back to gym in a week. Yes I was a gym rat, cardio and weights 5 days a weeks. Last week pain was different, not in lower back but concentrated in glutes. Walking and sitting hurt after 10 seconds, lying on side was only relief. Noticed pins and needles in " saddle" area and went to ER. L5 had slipped into spinal cavity and against the nerve root. Had surgery the same day and was released the following. Pain is gone now. Still loss of feelings in " saddle area" but getting better. Right calf is numb, cannot do 1 calf raise.
From everything I read the area of pain may indicate which disc, pay attention to loss of feelings, that is the tell tale sign of something pressing against your nerve. The first day I thought it was just the muscle relax. And anti inflamm. that I had been taking.
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