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Back pain only relieved by popping from twisting to side

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I have had lower-mid back pain for quite some time, 6 months - 1 year.
i notice the only way to get moderate relief is to sit on the edge of something (like my bed) with my knees facing in front of me, and turn sharply to the left, and then to the right until I hear a couple "pop" sounds but the pain usually comes back within hours. I have not seen anyone about this problem. I used to walk and bike quite a bit, but this pain has made me slow down in activity. I'm a 17 year old male. About 5'7'' and 160 pounds
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replied February 25th, 2012
I have this however it's in my lower back. I've had a back fusion. After the surgeries I've had a few on oing problems. Twisting of the spine. Muscle cramping, nerve damage. (pinched nerve). Hip slightly out on left side, so my right side is tight and very sore if I over do things, and or sitting to long.

Every morning and a few times during the day I would have to click my back. In the morning I would have to be moving around for about 20 minutes or after a shower I would lie on my back on the floor. Bring my knees up (sometimes pulling them towards my chest to stretch nerves in my back of spine).

So I would bring up my knees place my right hand on my left knee, with my left hand place it flat on the floor. In a swinging motion I would use my right hand on left knee and swing both my legs over to my right side. I normally click two discs bak in line. Feels good and I can move more freely.

I walk heaps. My muscles love the movement. If I can walk with less or no pain it means freedom for me. I go to my phyiso if I cannot click my back in myself and if my spine is twisting. I stop seeing a chiropractor as he was doing more damage than any good.

Swimming helps. Strenghten ur core muscels and remember to lift correctly. Clicking or poping ur back in is a sign of a bulging disc. Two discs above my fusion has a small bulge. I've had a few MRI scans and it shows it. Not good.
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