I keep hearing about back pain in the third trimester and also of HELLP. What is just regular back pain and what is a sign of a kidney problem? I am 37 weeks along, and have back pain in my mid-back on the right side of the spine. It comes and goes and can be very bad.It mostly feels muscular, I suppose. I have had a urine culture done because I did have blood in the urine but it showed no growth. Is there anything else I should try? I do know the baby tends to stay on the right side of my body, so could it just be him putting pressure there? Any ideas would be very helpful. Thank you!
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replied June 9th, 2009
hello and welcome it does sound like baby is putting pressure on you as you will be at the stage of he/she getting ready for the head engaging. could be baby is lying on a nerve. A normal bach pain is a dull ache but kidney pain can pull you down to the one side and even pressing the area is unbearable.
If your worried speak to your obs/gynae and good luck with your little treasure when he/she arrives in few weeks.
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