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Back pain in L5/S1

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I have been suffering from back pain for about 3yrs now and it is gradually getting worse. I picked up a heavy box about 7years ago at work and experienced some back pain but only from time to time but over the last 3 years it has become more frequent. I have had several cortisone injections, x3 rhizotomys and 1 epidural. All failing to help long term. My doctor has now advised surgery is the next step but I'm only 26 and very frightened at the thought of spinal fusion. At the moment this is stopping every day life. I cannot sit or stand or walk for too long and by the end of the day I am totally drained. Has anybody else got these sort of symptoms and had any procedures other than the ones I've already had that helped or had the surgery with success?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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