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back pain ,I get up it hurts & its hard to breath

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i have a pain in my back, on the right side, half way up my back, when I lay on my stomach, when I get up it hurts & its hard to breath, dont have the money to go to the doctors, my husbands not working.
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replied August 4th, 2011
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It is usually not recommended that you lay or sleep on your stomach. In some people it can cause discomfort in the muscles along the spine, and even in the spine itself. Often the facet joints in the posterior aspect of the spine get compressed in the lumbar region, because of the relative extension in the spine.

If a person has to be on their stomach for some reason (work requires it), it is recommended that they bend one leg up at the hip and knee. This reserves the extension in the spine.

So, a lot of people cannot sleep on their stomachs. If this is the only time that your back bothers you, then, don't sleep on your stomach. Usually the recommended position to sleep in is on your side, with the knee drawn up slightly. Some patients like to place a pillow between their knees.

Basically, sleep in any position that is comfortable for you.
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