I have been suffering with lower back pain since one month after my daughters birth 7 years ago. One month after she was born I had gallbladder surgery and three days after I had severe back pain...couldn't lie down, sit or stand. The pain usually stays anywhere from 3 days to one week. It disappears and then comes back whenever it wants. My back is so tender in the lower region...it hurts really bad when pressure is applied. The pain is right on the spine. I don't know if having my daughter started the pain, gallbladder surgery or something else. My family has a history of bad backs. I had an x-ray done years ago and they found nothing. I have no insurance now so I can't afford to have it re-checked. This pain affects my life in so many ways. Usually when it hurts the pain goes all the way down to my tail bone.
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replied January 20th, 2009
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I'm so sorry that you are in pain and it affects your life so much.

Unfortunately, the only way to determine what is going on is to see a doctor. Even if we where doctors on the forum, you would need to seen and examined to even begin to determine what might be going on.

If you are able, a good start would be to see a primary doctor and see what he/she thinks first.

No doubt, though, you will need to see a spine specialist for an evaluation and have a MRI done to see if there is anything going on with your spine.

An x-ray will only show the structure of the bones, it will not show the details that are really needed to evaluate your spine.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help to you.

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