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Back and stomach pain, diarrhea and all her bones were sore

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My mom has had a lower sore back on and off of about 2 yrs and started seeing a kidney specialist a yr ago due to her hypertension we think that has affected her creatinine levels. She is 69 yrs old and her creatinine level were 127 when she started seeing the specialist. He altered her blood pressure medication and she came back 6 wks after her medication was changed and her creatinine levels were 121. Apparently for her age her levels should be 105, am I correct? She is 5" 4 inches tall and approx 160 pounds. She has had no doctor since September 2011 because he retired and she is unable to get a replacement because of the shortage in this area. She has been babysitting for me for quite a few years my kids are 8 and 11, she enjoys it but it is stressful for her because she does housework for me and tries to keep the kids in line. She ends up holding the bottom of her back when she does too much work and has to lie down. Recently she came down with the flu (think it was a flu) She had diarrhea and all her bones were sore and she couldn't even muster the energy to call me she said. She came down with it on Saturday of last week and could not come to put my kids on the bus in the morning until Thursday. Now she is saying that her bones aren
t sore anymore but every time she eats her stomach is sore and her stomach in general has been sore for about 2 days. Her coloring I think is off she looks a bit yellow. Can you tell me what we should do. She does not want to go to a clinic for at least another week because she thinks she is still getting over the flu. Last week she was out of breath when I called her after cleaning the bathroom and she was out of breath a few days before when my dad was getting her flustered over paper work. He is very high strung and she gets stressed when he wants her to find stuff in the house, etc. Please give me some advise I am very worried about my mom.
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replied February 6th, 2012
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It sounds more like she contracted one of the gastrointestinal viruses (rather than the influenza virus). But, with a yellowish appearance to her skin, you worry about something going on with the liver and bile ducts. (Are the whites of her eyes also yellow?)

Patients with a GI virus can become dehydrated very quickly, which can cause problems with many of the other bodily systems. Sometimes, patients medicines have to be adjusted while they are not eating well and have diarrhea.

So, at her age, it is never "just the flu". So if she needs to see a physician, she should go. Unless she is really feeling well and back to her normal self, she should at least be checked out.

Good luck.
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