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Back and rib pain before bed, feel fine in the morning?!

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Every night I go to bed I have really bad back and left rib pain, it takes hours to get to sleep but in the morning it's almost completely fine (and I've tried just staying in bed ha ha!) I have had xrays and even ulcer tests but nothing comes up is there something I can try before bed to make it feel better?
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replied June 26th, 2012
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4) "STANDING SIDE BEND" (Left side stretch)
a) Back up against a wall.
b) Feet are shoulder width apart.
c) Reach your left arm overhead.
d) Side bend to the right.
e) IMPORTANT STEP: Shift hips to the left as you press off the ground with your left leg. This will give a good stretch of your hips and entire left side of your body.
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