I was doing breathing exercise (yoga) the other day and I really tweaked my back badly. Now I have trouble taking deep breaths and it feels like my lungs are hitting my ribs when I breathe. It also feels like my spine has gone in a bit making it hard to take deep breaths. Its been six days, my back pain is virtually gone but my breathing is still shallow. I had a chest x-ray done which was normal. My question is, will my breathing improve over time cause I am in quite a bit of discomfort. Please help !!! All answers are appreciated Smile
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replied May 13th, 2008
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Hello Ashish,

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Sorry to read about your back and brea"hing problem, It was a good idea to have the chest x-rays. However Ashish, the "problem" may not be with your chest (lungs) but perhaps with your back.

If things don't improve a a couple of days may I suggest that you seek the advice of a spinal surgeon. Its that "tweaked myu back badly", and "feels like my spine has gone in a bit" is concerning. As with all medical issues (especially backs) it is always best to seek medical advice early on. Far FAR too many people don't seek medical advice and help in a timely manner.

Let us know how things progress for you.

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replied May 15th, 2008

While looking up information on acute shoulder blade pain I happened on your post and wanted to say that a few years ago I actually had something very similar. In my case the doctor said that I had a pinched nerve and the pain was causing at first was small grade anxiety attacks which was causing more pain it was a 2 fold. The doctor gave me anxiety medication and then pain medication I had to take the anxiety medication to calm the attack down then take the pain medication for the pain. If I didn't take the anxiety meds I could take all the pain meds I wanted nothing would work.

Granted this is in my situation but either way if it keeps up do go to a doctor because in my case I didn't keep up with it as much as I should have and now have major chronic pain in the shoulder blade. Good luck and I hope everything goes back in place soon Smile
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