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Bach Flowers & Autism (Asperger's)

My best friend turned me on to Bach Flower Essences which I guess are homeopathic remedies - Well actually the ones she uses are supposed to be better than Bach's but whatever... In any event, I started using one called "Student" with my 4th grade autistic daughter who really is more asperger's. Her teachers & therapists were commenting about what a huge change she had almost overnight. Well I thought maybe she is just finally starting to mature and was a little hesitant to give all the credit to the Blessed Flower Essences. Then recently I was out of town for a week and she didn't have any of her Bach flower remedies and I got an email from her teacher saying what a horrible week she had - so much so they almost sent her to the principal's office. I got her back on her flower therapy immediately and she's been having nothing but really good days since. Is this possible? Does anyone else have any experience with these? I have since used some for myself and have felt a HUGE difference. Is this crazy?
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replied March 29th, 2011
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