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Baby with Bronchitis

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Chronic and acute cases of bronchitis affect millions of Americans every year. But what is bronchitis? And how do types of bronchitis differ?...
Bronchitis can be caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria. But what are the most well known and frequent causes of bronchitis. More info here....
Acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis manifest different symptoms. Learn to identify both types of bronchitis and when you should seek medical help....
Hello......I have 2 daughter's,my eldest 23 months and my youngest 8 months.They both have terrible hacking coughs and a cold...loads of phlem.Anyway...last night we took our 8 month old to hospital as she seemed to have breathing difficulties...we were addmitted to the childrens ward and she was diagnosed with mild Bronchitis (sorry for bad spelling) she was given an inhaler but no eldest daughter that day had been given anti-biotics when we took them to the doctors before the hospital episode as she has a chest infection.But they said at the hospital that anti-biotics wouldnt help our 8 month old (even though they aparently both have bronchitis-its just that its worse in smaller baby's) Anyway we are home and she is asleep but i am VERY worried because her breathing is still quite fast.I have just phoned the childrens ward back and I spoke to a registra and he said as long as she is pink in colour and not making much noise whilst breathing then he expects it to be faster than normal...I am a worryer in general but when it comes to my children I'm constantly panicing that I'm going to loose them...I'm so scared that she will die from this Bronchitis...I am not sleeping and I havn't slept for two days now and niether has my partner.I'm constantly checking...watching her breath and feeling her chest.Can babys just stop breathing?????? can they die??????? please any information would be lovely.thank you for your time...sorry its so babbly but i'm so worried and tired.Thanks,JadeXXXXXX
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replied December 12th, 2008
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Bronchitis, is usually, due to viral nature, so, receiving antibiotics won't help.
Babies, are prone to frequent infections, like common cold, that if spread further to bronchi, major air ways, can cause infantile bronchitis.
Shortness of breath, and, hearing squeaky noises as your baby breathes, can signal bronchitis.
If a baby is very wheezy and short of breath, with breathing becoming faster and the cough becomes more severe, with nostril flaring and/or chest in-drawing or “retractions,” it is probably, bronchiolitis, an inflammation of the smaller airways connecting the bronchi and lungs.
Bronchioles, tiny airways become swollen and filled with mucus, making it very difficult to breathe. Small infants and babies are more susceptible to severe disease secondary to the very small diameter of these airways.
If you notice that your baby stops breathing for a period, and may appear dusky or blue in the lips and nail beds, you should go to the ER, cause the baby may require supplemental oxygen.
Other warning signs include rapid breathing, chest in-drawing or retractions, poor level of responsiveness, or concern for dehydration, signified by a dry mouth or less than one wet diaper every 8 hours.
The most common age for bronchiolitis is about 6 months.
Often the disease lasts 5 to 12 days. The first 3 days are the most critical.
Use saline drops and suction bulb, give smaller, but more frequent volumes of fluid.
Cool-mist vaporizer can also be helpful in keeping the air moist and loosening up secretions.

All best to you and your family!
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