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Baby Kalyna! Birth Story

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Well not very long after I posted here about not being excited, on Friday night at midnight my water broke. Unfortunately for me I did not go into active labour on my own I was just having on and off contractions which weren't strong and had no pattern. My doula came over on Saturday at 2pm and we did some acupuncture/reflexology. The hospital kept calling and telling me I had to come in but I desperately did NOT want to be induced.

At 5 pm we got to the hospital and I discussed my options with them but because I was only 1cm dialated and my cervix was still long and not in labour I had no choice but to take the pitocin. I was severely disappointed because I wanted a natural childbirth and with pitocin your contractions come on so quickly it's ridiculous. Needless to say I was still determined to not get pain medication.

By 8:30pm they had me on the maximum dose of pitocin becuase my contractions were still not regular. By 2am they were coming on STRONG and often 3 in a row with no time to even breathe and I was only 2cm dialated with a long road ahead of me. By 4am the contractions were between 30 secs and a minute apart (somtimes two at a time) and I was breathing so hard to try to catch my breath inbetween. I started hyperventilating (I don't remember this but I imagine I was breathing too quickly) because my hands and feet were going tingly and I was told to cup my mouth and nose in my hands to breath inbetween contractions.

At 4:30am I said I wanted the epidural and an HOUR (Very brutal hour!) later I got it. I swear it was absolute heaven at that point. It didn;t hurt at all to get done and I could still move my legs around perfectly and lift my legs to sleep how I wanted.

At 8am they checked me again and I was 9cm. By 9am I was fully dialated and had a STRONG urge to push. They noticed at this point that there was a little bit of meconium. I kept getting told to wait, so I did and then at 9:30 I started pushing.They turned off my epidural, but regardless I could still feel everything before hand and held my own legs up. At 9:53 am weighing in at 7lbs 7oz, 20 inches long Kalyna joined this world. I felt like I hardly pushed her out at all! I tore minimally and got 4 stitches but all small tears that she said were to be expected. I then got put on antibiotics because my water had been broken for 34 hours.

She is soo beautiful Smile She doesn't feel like she's mine. She is definitely NOT peaceful and I call her grumpy pants lol

I'm having a horrible time with her latching because she prefers screaming so i'm doing cup and finger feeding right now while pumping out some colostrum. Hopefully that gets better soon!
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replied December 15th, 2008
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Awww.. Congratulations!!! Shes precious all her dark hair!! I am glad everything turned out ok! Enjoy your new baby girl!!!
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replied February 12th, 2009
Congrats on your baby! I know its a couple months late! But still!! =)
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