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Im 15, my boyfriend and i lost our baby, 3 1/2 months along into the pregnency, and now we want another baby this time planned... But i need help on what to do... What i need to get ready how much to save for the 1st year how to tell my parents and if ill be able to move out... I need alot of help and i want a baby... I really do.
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replied February 8th, 2013
Sorry about your loss. Being 15 you are too young
to think about having a baby. I am way passed grown
and take care of babies for a living, it isn't easy work
at all! Stay in school and keep your grades up, get an education
without one you won't get a good job!

How will you care for a baby if you can't even get a
decent job? It is not your parents responsibility to raise
this child! It's not a doll baby where you can just leave
it in a corner when you are done playing with it.
Do you realize how much baby food, clothing, medical bills,
diapers, medical emergencies etc. cost?
You have no idea!
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