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Baby Forehead/frontal bone Protrusion

Hi, I am a first-time mother of a 5-month baby boy. Newborns have slightly round or protruded forehead. My son''s forehead still is round where as the babies of his age have developed almost flat foreheads just like adults. His frontal bone is not as prominent as occurs in forehead bossing but it still protrudes out. Please you think it will fix itself or is there any mechanism to flatten my baby''s forehead? I just pray itâspam�s not so terrible that we would need a helmet. I''m so sad and worried. Please help me! Any information or mechanism you have is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!
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replied April 17th, 2010
babies should develop to a minimum requirements. Lack and late development in babies can be signs of many illnesses. Your baby may be fine, i am no expert but i have experience of developmental clinics, and understand that babies MUST be seen by a doctor for any concerns of development. your brain is the most important part of the body and so any slight possibility something is abnormal must NOT go ignored, get your baby to the doctor or see your midwife!
i hope everything's ok Smile
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