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Avoided gyno appointments for 6 years because of anxiety

I haven't been to gynecologist in almost 6 years. I just made an appt for July 9 to go for exam. I am a 32 year old straight female, and have been sexually active in that time with 7 men. I had unprotected sex with four of them. I was tested for stds in the fall, via a urine test, and I have no stds. I learned my lesson about unprotected sex, because the anxiety about it wasn't worth it. Anyway, my periods have been like clockwork, and came early a few times based on a medication at affected my estrogen, and aside from BV and UTIs, I'm very healthy. I just am terrified that the Pap smear will show I can't have kids or that I have hpv or precancerous cells. I'm a smart woman, despite this behavior I mentioned above, and I know the importance of Pap smears and early detection. My health anxiety was just overwhelming. Could I be infertile because I haven't been in 6 years for an exam, and a disease has progressed inside me?
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replied June 16th, 2013
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It is unlikely, but it is not impossible.

Do not become paralyzed with fear for something that did not happen yet. And will likely never happen anyways. Rather do the test and wait for the results.

Be honest with your doctor about your sexual history. You should also get another test for STDs. This time a blood test as well.

Best of luck!
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