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Autoimmune, PBC, Crohn,Celiac, cancer or something else?

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Hello everyone,
I am writing here because I am desperate.
I am trying to find answers to my medical condition.I have been to numerous doctors in the past month and I still do no have answers and I already have no money left to go to doctors!
I am telling you my symptoms that started 6 months ago.
Itchiness -scalp,hands, back, neck,cervical.
Joint pain on and off, pins and needles, trygeminal neuralgia, neuropathy,headache, flashes of light (these are mostly gone now, might have been in the summer because of dehydration).
Sometimes joint pain-hip,knee, fingers, is severe.
Have been to neurology for headaches that were severe and also I had subfebrile state.Ruled out MS, I did all the imagistic investigations of head and spine.
Neurology doctor said- its stress.
Joint pain is not just stress.
A month ago started to have poor appetite and increased joint pain.
I have been to rheumatology.
Most antibodies, rheumatoid factor etc negative, still ! AMA M2 positive. Went to gastro with suspicion of autoimmune hepatitis and primary billiary chirossis. Did all blood work for liver and bile, all came out PERFECT.
Gastro doctor said- wait and see, and that it might be a molecular mimicry and maybe a different autoimmune disease.
I feel pain in upper right quadrant. Now i feel pain also in ribs! Went to ER for fear of something at lungs, were normal.
Liver enzymes and all others are normal still i have pain in the gallbladder area.
It might be just the stage 0 of Primary billiary chirosis? It might be something else?
I also suspect something at intestines! I have distended abdomen and lots of bloating.I have reduced gluten and distension is better.Also pain on and off in abdomen.
Please can someone relate?
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