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Autoimmune gastritis or just bacterial infection

2 months ago I went to a doctor because of red and painful tongue.
I went through many tests, here are the results:
- Blood test showed vit. B12 deficiency. My result is 51 pmol/l (while normal values are between 141-489). Iron, folic acid and everything else is fine.
- Microbiological test of saliva found Klebsiella pneumoniae and Condida. I have prescripted Zinnat 500mg treatment that i haven’t started yet.
- Second, more specific blood test showed: Intrinsic Factor Antibodies >200 RE/ml (normal values 0-20), and AAb to parietal Cells 1:80 (normal values 1:<10)
My gastroenterologist haven’t seen the last results yet (with Intrinsic factor antibodies), but it said that positive result wlll mean that I have autoimmune gastritis. My next appointment is after 7 days and I want to be well prepared.

He mentioned that if the blood test prove autoimmune gastritis it will be treated with corticosteroids.
I need to know what’s your opinion on that case. Is there a chance that i don’t have autoimmune disease and those antibodies are just immune reaction to previous bacterial infection (with H pylori for example).
All my symptoms started after I ate spoiled chicken wings. I had a diarrhea immediately after that. After a week I started to feel weakness and tiredness + red tongue.
I mentioned that to my gastroenterologist but he didn’t took that fact into consideration. I think that this is very important, because there is a chance that this is just bacterial infection (not immune disease).
Should I go with corticosteroids if this is the most appropriate treatment, or I should check somehow for bacterial infection.
Before that spoiled food I’ve never had stomach problems in my entire live.
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