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Autoimmune disorder -- docs can't tell me what it is?

Hi I am a 28yr old female and I've been told by my docs that I have a condition where my immune system is attacking my thyroid.
Blood test came back with TPO antibodies at 84KIU/L with normal range being 34KIU/L or below.

Symptoms are:

Cold intolerance - put me in a cold room and within 5 minutes my fingers go completely white. Even if I go outside like it is now they go white and numb through knitted gloves. Toes as well - the cold has gotten to them much badly than it has at the fingers, so much so that they've been turning blue/purple before they go back to normal. It takes around 2 to 3 days before the colour goes back to normal.

Period pains - Sometimes I get pain all the way through my periods, other times it doesn’t appear until 2 or 3 hours in.

Late periods - They can be up to 30 days late and a week early.

Spotting - I sometimes get spotting the night before my period - then it stops and resumes into full-pelt bleeding the next day.

Breast tenderness - Now one thing I don’t mind are my breasts enlarging. Because I’m petite I have no significant bust so the only thing I enjoy about having my period is my breasts enlarging. Only that more than once they’ve swollen 2 weeks before my period and have stayed tender.

Excessive sleepiness - I can sleep all day if I wanted to. Even if I do get the full 8 hours sleep I still microsleep on the sofa sitting up! Average sleep time is anything from 8 to 12 hours, that’s if I sleep all the way through the night.

Sleep problems - I sometimes wake during the night and sometimes I can stay awake for up to an hour.

Depression - Isn't usually too bad, but I get times when I've been "quiet", so my boyfriend has said.

Forgetfulness - I’ve been developing a case of early senility where I’ve been constantly leaving things I’ve used elsewhere in the flat. This has hit me quite hard, as I know that I can be quite forgetful but never have I been so to that extreme before.

Mood swings - Swinging from happy to sad to annoyed - very difficult to control and it strikes worse when I’m stressed out over things.

Muscle pains in hips (diagnosed as muscle sprains) - Not only do I get achy there but my legs sometimes shake under my weight - and I’m not overweight!

Difficulty swallowing - Worse with solids. It even gets to the stage where I hold my breath whilst initiating a swallow so none of the food gets stuck in my windpipe and then dry hacking in case it does go down the wrong way and I don’t know about it.

Puffy face -- my under eye areas sometimes get very baggy and my eyes feel like they're being pulled down.

My doc has said I cannot be given any treatment, as the TSH, T3 and T4 are still normal. TSH in this test was registered at 1.50. I also had an MRI done and that had come back ok. Ultrasound however came back with a “bulky” thyroid on one side but the report on this seems to have gone astray as the docs fail to mention the ultrasound yet bring up the normal MRI!

One other thing to note - I came to find out about a possible thyroid condition from a high TSH result back in November 2011. TSH was 5.20 with normal range between 2 and 4.20. T4 was 16.48. Thyroid autoantibodies were not checked at that time as I didn’t know anything about them and the doc did not suggest them to be tested.

Am I worrying over nothing?

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replied June 2nd, 2013
Check out Thyroid..Hashimoto's or hypothyroidism..I think there are other tests they can perform...Google it and try Gluten free ..My best wishes to you.
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