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Autoimmune condition triggered by West Nile Virus???

I am a 34 year old Mom of 3. I have been experiencing strange unexplained symptoms since the birth of my 2nd child in May of 2008. I was just recently diagnosed in March 2010 with WNV, but was acute in 2003. The Dr's just missed my diagnosis while I was hospitalized in August of 2003. I had a high fever, vomiting, rash, headaches, etc etc. I was released after 5 nights and was able to get back to almost normal fairly quickly. I had some twitches, but other than that and the anxiety over the new twitching I was fine. My Neuro did discover I had several/multiple tiny white spots scattered throughout my brain when he did an MRI/MRA/MRV of my brain back then. He always hypothesized that the "viral illness" had attached my brain and caused these neurological deficits. Well, long story short... I was fine until the birth of my 2nd child in May 2008 when I then subsequently developed dizziness/slight imbalance/tipsy feeling that is constant, fuzzy vision and an area of numbness below my skin in an area of my right calf. Then after having my 3rd child in January (a surprise) I have experienced numbness & cold/sticky sensations on my face, severe dry throat, raw/numb tongue, trouble swallowing, involuntary swallowing at night, the feeling that my teeth in the front of my mouth are loose, flank pain & ulcer on roof of mouth. All of these new symptoms have gradually come on since January. The latest symptoms being weakness/numbness in my upper arms and the sensation of food being caught in my lower front teeth. Yes, very very strange! Smile These new symptoms are why my Neuro ordered a spinal tap back in March and discovered the WNV. It is his opinion b/c I only have IGG antibodies and not IGM that the virus could no longer be affecting me. Well, this is the only lab test that has ever come back abnormal and trust me, I have been tested for everything... I believe it has something to do with a Persistent Viral Syndrome or an Autoimmune condition that was triggered by WNV.

I have seen a Rheumy and she ran these labs... Complement C3 & C4, Anti Smith, Anti RNP, Anticardiolipin antibodies, ANA, Double Stranded DNA ABS, Sjogrens AB SS-A & SS-B, Lupus Anticoagulant 31 seconds. The only positive test was the ANA and my ANA Positive Profile was 1:80 Speckled. She felt I didn't currently have an Autoimmune condition based on these lab results. She couldn't explain my symptoms.

Has anyone ever experienced similar symptoms? I am concerned about Connective Tissue Disease or Polymyositis or a combo of some of the "diagnosed" autoimmune conditions. My Neuro doesn't believe I have MS b/c my MRI has been stable since 2003 and my MS panel was negative (O bands, etc etc). He has been monitoring me for over 7 years and doesn't believe I have a progressive demyelinating disease, but he can't explain my new symptoms that pop up after the births of my children.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I am going down the Alternative Med route in addition to the long list of Specialists I see. I will try anything to be the Mom and wife my family deserve.

Dallas, TX
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replied October 9th, 2010
yes ihave iwas diagnosed with wnv. but instead having my teeth hurt i got this cracking noise in my jaw. My throat also felt like it was closed.its the worst feeling. hope you have gotten better.
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replied July 26th, 2013
Have any of your doctors investigated possible myasthenia gravis
Hi Lara. Just came across your post because I too have had WNV and then subsequently started developing a host of odd symptoms. If you are still struggling, may I suggest you google WNV and myasthenia gravis. You may find some helpful info there.
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replied January 26th, 2014
West Nile.
I have pain on both sides of my head, sometimes it goes away on the left side for months then comes again outta nowhere, the right side always has pain. Have problems with my vision comes an then goes away. An feel weak alot of the time.I have had West Nile for almost 3 years.
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